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Lifestyle & Portraiture Photography

Your Session will be FUN! I pinky swear, promise! 


LIFESTYLE and PORTRAITURE Photography...  What's the difference ?

POSED PORTRAITS document how we look, our appearance at a specific point in time. They document our change and growth.  Maybe we give these photos to grandparents, frame some, but we love to look at them and see "how we looked when".....

LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY tells your story. It's real, honest and raw. These photos not only tell how you look, but reveal information about the relationships between people, places and things in your life. It may just be the way your eyes light up when you laugh, that connecting look you exchange with with your baby during a feeding, that smirk your 'tween' gives you, the way your toddler twirls her hair when she's tired, and yes even the mischievous expression on your 6 year old's face as he throws grass on his sister.  My lifestyle photography tells honest stories about real life.

FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY Since I LOVE shooting in natural light, most of my sessions are outdoors, on location in WNY. I have several perfect spots that offer not only beautiful, interesting settings, but are fun places for families!  Did I mention we must have fun?

NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY Let me capture your baby 'fresh from God'...during that precious newborn stage with images that you'll treasure for a lifetime. Newborn (posing) sessions take place when baby is between 5-12 days old in the comfort of your home.  In a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere, these sessions allow time (typically up to 2 hours) for feeding, changing and snuggling breaks as needed to keep baby comfy and happy.  Rest assured, baby will be warm and safely handled throughout the session.  I come to you smoke and perfume free. My blankets, pillows and props are laundered using scent free products.  

BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY ("Fresh 48"): Beginning in 2018  While you and your baby are still in the hospital or during the first 48 hours following a home birth, these sessions are quiet,  peaceful, and simple to capture the purest essence of your baby and all the new emotions that are flowing at such an amazing time. 

COUPLES/ENGAGEMENT PHOTOGRAPHY Whether it's the actual moment you pop the big question or the days that follow, I will deliver those heirloom images that tell your unique story. Each engagement gallery should reflect who you are, your relationship.  Some are dreamy, formal and dramatic while others are sporty and playful. It's all up to you.   

COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Hey there, Western NY Real Estate Agents, Boutique & Bistro Shop owners and the like.....I'm here to get those professional shots you need to showcase your unique products and settings.! Let's chat soon..together we can create the perfect collection. 

PROFESSIONAL HEAD SHOTS My professional head shots have a bit of a different flair than most traditional head shots.  They're professional yet fresh and fun and mostly shot outdoors or with more of a lifestyle feel in the workplace. 

SMALL EVENTS  Planning a baby or bridal shower, engagement party, special dinner? Let me capture the whole experience!...the fun had by you, your guests and the little details that made your event so special.