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For many years I worked with wee ones, littles and their parents as a speech pathologist. I have a special place in my heart for families with children on the autism spectrum. So often they opt out of family photo sessions in fear of melt downs. I’m here to say, “I’ve seen it all – no worries with me!” All you have to do is be YOU!  

Lifestyle photography is my passion whether it’s newborn, family or wedding photography, I’m happiest when capturing authentic moments. You know, those little moments that are most meaningful and unique to you and your loved ones. Quiet giggles, full blown wide open-mouthed laughter, whispers , tears and tender moments all can be remembered and treasured with a photo. 

The images we create together should bring you right back to that moment. They should stimulate your senses; the familiar sights of your first home, an old toy, a favorite chair, a particular fragrance of a special someone, the sound of your child’s laughter or the loving promises spoken on your wedding day. My hope is that these images make you feel something. 



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